Sprecher + SchuhSprecher + Schuh offers a wide range of low-voltage industrial control products, including contactors, a variety of relays, starters, push buttons, switches, terminals and controllers. Our products are crafted with precision and tested rigorously for performance — far exceeding industry standards.





2M KABLO was established in Istanbul - TURKEY in 1993 for low voltage cables production. The company started production of data, control, coaxial, audio-video cables at first stages and later continued with fire resistant and instrumentation cables. Today, the wide range of products are presented with the registered brands: 2MKAB, FireKab and LOOKAB.

0.5mm Cable

1.0mm Cable

1.5mm Cable

2.5mm Cable

Towa Seiden was born in Osaka, 1969. As a pioneer of level measurement, we built a lot of results and got a higher user’s confidence. Currently, Towa Seiden have grown to a global solution supplier in level measurement not only in the powder particles but liquid and slurry.





Bongbada infrared incandescent reflector bulbs are designed to withstand harsh environment such as in farm, heavy industries, sauna, or kitchen usages. The bulbs are designed to fit in customizable lamp holders accordingly for each customer.

E27 Bulb

DECA offers with the various 16mm switches and pushbuttons to support the versatile choices in flexibly adopting on any control panel design.

Round Type Switches

Rectangle Type Switches

Square Type Switches